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ECO-Solvent printing

ECO-solvent printing

Our printer was developed by Roland DG in collaboration with some renowned manufacturers. The inks used have passed en 71.3 tests and are safe, among other things, food packaging and toys.

Some product groups that we can print with our safe inks are;


Children's toys

The SF-200 has been developed with children's toy safety as a goal. Working with toy manufacturers, the inks used with and for the SF-200 have achieved the high EN 71.3 toy safety standard, this flatbed printer is a complement to toy safe print solutions. This results in high quality detailed and personalised prints on toys of plastic, wood and leather, among other things. The quality standard is also high enough for children to play with the printed toys repeatedly.


Lunchboxes and drinking cups

Personalised lunchboxes with creative or business (advertising) expressions.

We can personalize different types of lunchboxes, drinking cups, sports equipment and more.


Medical instruments and devices

Our printer is ideal for personalised or standard printing on labels, plastic items and aluminium instruments, even those that come into direct contact with the skin and are used in health-sensitive areas.


Health and personal hygiene products

We can distinguish ourselves from our competitors with, for example, UV ink printers by printing our ability on items such as toothbrushes, thermometers, glasses frames and cosmetic packaging.


EN 71.3 Migration tests

If you want us to print articles from the above product groups for the purpose of passing them on to the/a (final) consumer you are and/or we are obliged to offer the printed items to our laboratory partner to have the EN 71.3 migration tests carried out. Sales of our printed products to the final consumer in the above product groups can only be made after the results of the ink migration tests are negative.

Where necessary, we can assist you during this process and switch with the laboratory.

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